Walking Group Leader Award

Instruction Duration:
3 days
Consolidation Period:
Assessment Duration:
2+ days


  • Equipment usage and care
  • Route planning
  • Walking and route finding
  • Navigation
  • Campcraft
  • Responsibilities of the Leader
  • Group management
  • Access, conservation and environmental knowledge
  • Weather
  • Non-technical river crossings
  • Hazards and emergency procedures (not involving steep ground)
  • MDT and NQF training and qualification structure and skills
  • Scope and remit of the qualification

Scope of the Award:

The Walking Group Leader award provides the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the technical competence in leading groups in hilly and non-technical mountain areas. Such areas may be subject to hostile weather and require an element of self-sufficiency that is reflected in the syllabus.
The terrain imagined in this award meets the following criteria:

  • Areas accessed and enclosed by well-defined boundaries such as trails, tracks and paths
  • Areas of limited remoteness that are easily exited in a few hours, returning to a refuge, lodge, hotel or road head
  • Areas where movement on steep or rocky terrain is not required (in either a planned or unplanned situation)
  • Areas of limited altitudinal height where the environmental hazards associated with altitude are not a factor

Courses (and associated assessment) aimed at the abseiling, hiking and rock climbing supervisor responsible for group activities.

Courses are designed to flow in a complimentary system toward each level. Some systems (R.I.A / K.I.A) require additional modules as their scope of operation overlaps with those programs. For example a Rock or Kloofing Instructor requires Walking Group Leader as a supplement. Likewise an M.I.A can have Kloofing exclusion.


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