Mountain Leader Instructor Award

Instruction Duration:
4 days
Consolidation Period:
Assessment Duration:
4 days

The assessment covers:

  • Syllabus of the ML award or IML Award
  • Syllabus of the Walking Group Leader Award
  • Teaching methods of navigation
  • Teaching methods of other aspects of syllabi
  • Assessment process and standards of MDT Awards
  • MDT administration

Courses (and associated assessment) aimed at the abseiling, hiking and rock climbing supervisor responsible for group activities.

Courses are designed to flow in a complimentary system toward each level. Some systems (R.I.A / K.I.A) require additional modules as their scope of operation overlaps with those programs. For example a Rock or Kloofing Instructor requires Walking Group Leader as a supplement. Likewise an M.I.A can have Kloofing exclusion.


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