Abseil Supervisor Award

Instruction Duration:
Consolidation Period:
Assessment Duration:
1 day

The award covers:

  • Equipment usage and care
  • Personal and group safety at edges
  • Belay techniques
  • Artificial (bolted) anchor points and bollards, trees and spikes
  • Group management
  • Non-releasable abseils
  • Releasable abseils
  • Retrievable abseils
  • Ascending the rope
  • Hauling systems and Pick-offs
  • Passing knots
  • Rope types and uses, and equipment care
  • Considerations and equipment for longer and complex abseils
  • Emergency Procedures
  • MDT and NQF training and qualification structure and skills
  • Scope and remit of the qualification

The award does not cover:

  • The skills needed to approach and retreat from mountain crags
  • Access to any location where escape is not easily possible from the top and the bottom of the abseil site
  • Multiple abseils, or abseils that involve intermediate stances

Courses (and associated assessment) aimed at the abseiling, hiking and rock climbing supervisor responsible for group activities.

Courses are designed to flow in a complimentary system toward each level. Some systems (R.I.A / K.I.A) require additional modules as their scope of operation overlaps with those programs. For example a Rock or Kloofing Instructor requires Walking Group Leader as a supplement. Likewise an M.I.A can have Kloofing exclusion.


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